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Treasure Dream Catcher (11-13 Inch) Navajo Made

Treasure Dream Catcher (11-13 Inch) Navajo Made

Treasure Dream Catcher (11-13 Inch) Navajo Made
Marlinda holding her work Close up of the webbing
This wonderful natural dream catcher is made by Navajo / Dine` artist Marlinda Provencial. This approximately 11 inch diameter dream catcher is hand crafted out of vine and the webbing is adorned with an assortment of stones such as turquoise, hematite, red jasper, juniper berries and other beads that are used to attract the bad dreams. This is a very unique and wonderful piece. We only have a handful available but we hope to get more. 2013-11-08 - We have a few more of these dream catchers in stock. The vine potion is thicker than the dream catcher pictured and they are a bit larger (almost 13" in diameter) .

  • The overall hanging length is approximately 25 inches
  • The hoop diameter is approximately 11 inches

The sizeĀ  of the hoop may vary slightly due to natural variations in the materials used and the leather may differ slightly in shade due to the dying and tanning process. The feather color and size and the bead color will differ from piece to piece as the artist makes each piece unique. If you want specific color beads or themed (lighter colors versus dark colors or pink versus blue etc.. ) please let us know in the order comment section. You may also call us to place your order and we will hand pick the dream catcher that matches your taste in colors. Otherwise we will pick a dream catcher for you.

ThisĀ  Authentic Native American Made Dream Catcher that comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

We are working on an artist's page for Marlinda. In the meantime you can view a photo of her holding some of her work by clicking here
Price : $49.99